12 Things to Know About Wynonna Earp Season 3

Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Season 3, Inc./Syfy
Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Season 3, Inc./Syfy

We are so close, Earpers! The return of Wynonna Earp is almost upon us! Season 3 of the supernatural demon-hunting show returns on Monday, July 16 at 11 p.m. ET on SYFY and then on Friday, July 20 at 9 p.m. ET on SYFY and Space Channel. Get those doughnuts and pour the whiskey because Purgatory is waiting!

When we last saw Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and the gang, she and Doc (Tim Rozon) had just given up baby Alice to protect her from the revenants. The demon who cursed the Earps, Bulshar, had just been set free and Dolls (Shamier Anderson) and Nicole (Katherine Barrell) seemed to know more about him than they were letting on. Perhaps the show’s biggest cliffhanger though, was that Wynonna knew exactly where to find Mama Earp and that she seems to have important information on Bulshar. Just add those mysteries to the growing list of questions we have for showrunner Emily Andras heading into Season 3.

We here at The TV Junkies were lucky enough to screen some of Season 3 early and thought it only fair if we shared some of what we learned about what’s ahead with Earpers. Below are a few fun teases, not spoilers, about what lies ahead as Wynonna prepares to try and break the curse once and for all for her daughter.


She’s still Wynonna, only different

Make no mistake, Wynonna isn’t pregnant anymore and that means she’s back to her hard drinking, sometimes reckless ways. Only this isn’t just a return to Season 1 Wynonna, but rather we see a new, hardened Wynonna who is more determined than ever to figure out what’s going on around Purgatory and how she can stop Bulshar. It’s also great to see Wynonna fully settled into her role as Earp heir with a distinct air of confidence around her.


Melanie Scrofano is still slaying it

Of course, one of the reasons that Wynonna is so layered and complex in Season 3 is because of what the show knows it can give to Melanie Scrofano. With her as the star, that means the Wynonna Earp writers can thrown anything at her and she’ll not only nail it, but probably take it to depths they didn’t think possible. From badass action moments one minute, to completely nailing a ridiculous one-liner the next and then ripping out our hearts in a blink of an eye, there’s absolutely nothing that Scrofano can’t pull off. As great as she was in Season 2, I think she’s just getting started on everything she’s truly capable of as an actress.

Parenting is rough

Wynonna is definitely feeling the effects of having to give up Alice at the end of last season, but it could be that the baby’s father, Doc Holliday himself, is having an even rougher go of it. He is struggling big time and doesn’t want to pretend like nothing happened. He may need time to get over it all, but time is never a luxury for anyone in Purgatory. Things are pretty bad and Wynonna seems very worried about the gunslinger. As bad as it may be for Doc, it’s actually a real treat for viewers because the chemistry between Scrofano and Rozon is off the charts. These two have never been better together.


Doc’s past may be catching up with him

We know that Doc Holliday wasn’t always the man we now know him to be. We know that he was actually quite horrible back in the day, after all, that’s why he ended up in Hell last season, but it looks like we may be getting more insight into Doc’s life pre-well this year. He’ll not only be struggling with giving up Alice, but he may have to reckon with decisions and choices from his past once again.

The Scooby Gang feeling is in full effect

It’s been three seasons now and these characters are used to working together, something that really comes through on screen. The great thing is that Wynonna and her gang seem to enjoy the little family they’ve created just as much as we enjoy watching them. Right from the start this year, the family vibe is very present and it’ll make every Earper heart feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


The quip game is strong

After viewing some of the trailers for Season 3, and then knowing that Wynonna is more determined than ever to break the curse, one could start to worry the show has gotten too serious. However, lay all those worries aside because Emily Andras and her writers make sure that Wynonna is always locked and loaded with a good quip. It’s sure to be a toss up for favorite quotes this year, but there’s one line in particular in the Season 3 premiere that had me cackling extra loud. It’s not just Scrofano’s Wynonna though that’s quick with a joke, but it seems that everyone else is getting involved with some great one-liners as well. Get ready to rewatch to ensure you catch them all!

It’s still the best soundtrack on TV

From the moment Wynonna Earp arrived on the scene, music supervisor Andrea Higgins has always had a knack for finding the perfect song to go with the on screen mood. That is most definitely still the case here in Season 3. Whether the moment calls for something super fun and rowdy, or a more serious, heart-crushing anthem is required, Higgins will have you wanting to add even more songs to your Spotify playlists. She’s not the only one already in top shelf form, but composers Robert Carli and Peter Chapman are back doing what they do best, amplifying some of the show’s more emotional moments with their original score.

Nedley is a gem

If you’re one of those delighted by the fact that Sheriff Nedley (Greg Lawson) was featured in many of the Season 3 promotional trailers, then you’ll be pleased to know he continues to be one of the show’s unsung heroes. The character has some really great moments early on and Lawson does such a great job that it’ll be even more impossible to not cheer every time Nedley appears on screen.


Mama Earp makes a quick impression

Many fans are eagerly awaiting meeting Mama Earp this season, especially since she’s being played by Canadian TV royalty Megan Follows. Will Mama Earp finally provide us with some long-awaited answers to some of the mysteries we’ve been wondering since back in Season 1? One thing is for certain, she makes quite the first impression and she may not necessarily be what you were expecting.

Bulshar is shaping up to be quite the Big Bad

We all knew it was bad news when Bobo and the Widows let Bulshar out at the end of last season, and unfortunately for Wynonna, he wastes no time causing lots of trouble. Yes, the demon that cursed the Earps is back and while we don’t know much about him, we do know he’s one creepy dude and looks like he’s going to be a very formidable foe for Wynonna.

A surprise for Nicole

Ever since the end of Season 2 and that strange look that was shared between Nicole and Dolls, viewers have been wondering what Officer Haught may know about the Cult of Bulshar. Could she be more involved than she’s letting on? Are she and Dolls working together on something? We aren’t going to give anything away, but what we do learn may actually end up being a surprise to our favorite Purgatory police officer as well. Will fans finally get a long-awaited look into her backstory? You’ll have to tune in to find out.


The heat index is still WayHaught

Waverly and Nicole may have had a bit of a rough end to Season 2, with trust issues and revelations about ex-wives coming out, but WayHaught definitely starts this year off stronger and better than ever. There’s no question about that and while everything else in Purgatory may be getting uprooted and threatened, Waverly and her bonus blanket seem to be doing just fine.


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Wynonna Earp Season 3 premieres Monday, July 16 at 11 p.m. on SYFY in the U.S. and on Friday, July 20 at 9 p.m. SYFY and Space Channel in Canada.