12 Monkeys’ Emily Hampshire on Jennifer’s Increased Season 2 Role

Gavin Bond/Syfy
Gavin Bond/Syfy

For 12 Monkeys fans who couldn’t get enough of Emily Hampshire’s performance as the batty, eclectic and crazy Jennifer Goines in Season 1, you’re in luck in Season 2, which premieres Monday, April 18 on Syfy and Showcase. “I’m in pretty much the whole season,” Hampshire confirms to The TV Junkies, as she has now become a series regular in the Syfy time travelling drama’s sophomore season. When 12 Monkeys last left off, Jennifer was on a plane carrying the virus, and the time travel in Season 2 won’t be slowing down any time soon.

“I play myself, older this season. I play normal Jennifer and then play Jennifer at 65, which is the most amazing but also exhausting experience,” Hampshire tells us. Despite all the hard work, Hampshire promises that she had a great time filming this year. “It’s the most exhausting, but most rewarding [experience]–like when you’re a kid and you’re out all day, and you have a swim meet and you don’t feel it then, but you get home and you’re exhausted,” she describes before adding that “it’s just that feeling of your adrenaline going all day–especially playing Jennifer who is just on all the time–exhausting but so fulfilling.”

A character like Jennifer also presents another kind of unique challenge for Hampshire. “What Jennifer gets to do, is that every episode is like I get to play a completely new part,” she explains. “It’s like the Orphan Black of time travel,” Hampshire jokes, but is quick to note that “I also get to do a lot of funny stuff too, which I love.”

Despite Hampshire’s talks of time travelling and playing multiple versions of herself, she says that’s not really the focus of the season. “This season is much more character driven than about the time travel and sci-fi stuff. It’s all rooted in these relationships and family,” she promises. That’s definitely a major plus for the actress who jokingly adds that “It just kills me, in the best kind of way–I think in particular me because I don’t understand time travel, no matter how you try to explain it to me.”

While she may not understand all the mechanics of 12 Monkeys’ time travelling ways, she knows one thing for certain about it. “Here, time travel is kind of a gateway into these full-life relationships, where you see someone when they are young, and then you see them when they are older and the life they have lived,” she explains. “They just screened the last two episodes [of Season 2] for us and we as a cast–I know this sounds so phony–but I am telling you, it’s so great to be on a show where you watch it, and we’re like ‘we are so proud to be on this show.’”


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12 Monkeys Season 2 premieres Monday, April 18 at 9 p.m. on Syfy and Showcase.