11 Things To Know About Wynonna Earp Season 4


Well Earpers, we are less than ONE WEEK away from the Season 4 premiere of Wynonna Earp. Can you believe it? We are still pinching ourselves, grabbing our whiskey and donuts, and getting our viewing plans in order for when it returns Sunday, July 26 at 10/9c on SYFY and CTV Sci Fi. 

When we last checked in with Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano), she had defeated Bulshar, and he had broken the curse just moments before. She then watched Doc (Tim Rozon) follow Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) into the Garden of Eden and disappear. As she went back to the Homestead, no one was around and the name Valdez was carved into the wall. What happened to Nicole (Katherine Barrell), Jeremy (Varun Saranga) and the entire town? Luckily, Wynonna found Nedley (Greg Lawson) and the two seem ready to get their family back! 

We were lucky enough to screen the Season 4 premiere episode early and wanted to share some of what we learned. Read on for some teases (no major spoilers, promise!) about what lies ahead as Wynonna gets ready to go get Waverly and Doc back!


Wynonna must trust herself

Without the gun or the curse now hanging over her head, who exactly is Wynonna Earp? That’s one of the big questions our hero is going to be looking to answer in Season 4. With her sister, Doc, and everyone else gone, it sure seems like this is a question Wynonna is going to have to look inside of herself and answer all on her own…and hopefully soon! There are people in the Garden she needs to get to saving!

Melanie Scrofano doesn’t miss a beat

While Wynonna may be questioning how special she is now that she no longer has Peacemaker, Melanie Scrofano makes it abundantly clear from the first minute of the episode that she still knows how to absolutely slay as Wynonna. Scrofano and the cast may have been off for 2 years between seasons, but she doesn’t miss a beat. At the end of the day, this is Scrofano and Wynonna’s show, and Earpers are in good hands as long as that’s the case because she has yet to meet a scene or emotion that she can’t pull off.


Neither does the rest of the cast

As if they were all taking a cue from their leading lady, everyone else on the Wynonna Earp cast really hits the road running as well. These actors are so good in their roles, and know their characters so intimately, that it felt as if no time had passed at all. Rozon’s Doc Holliday accent is on point, Provost-Chalkley easily conjures up all the emotions of viewers, and Barrell’s Haught has an air of confidence that would have any viewer marching into battle right alongside her. Despite all the time off, this entire cast is back and in better than ever shape.

Get ready to update your playlists

Wynonna Earp music supervisor Andrea Higgins quickly proves that she’s still the best in the business when it comes to selecting songs that will have you rushing to add to all of your favorite playlists. Higgins’ knack for selecting the perfect song for any scene is complemented wonderfully by Wynonna composers Robert Carli and Peter Chapman. Their original pieces in some of the premiere’s most emotional moments really stood out and took the show to another level.


The jokes are coming fast and furious

If you thought the Season 4 trailer packed a lot of standard issue Wynonna Earp quips and one-liners well we are here to tell you Season 4 was just getting started. Brendon Yorke penned the premiere and he once again proves to have a real knack for packing his Wynonna Earp episodes with jokes that fans will be quoting over and over. There were several scenes with different characters that had us cackling out loud. The jokes in the Season 4 premiere come at viewers so fast that we guarantee you’ll need multiple rewatches to catch them all. 

There’s some wonderful and surprising pairings

Wynonna Earp has always excelled at taking any two characters, pairing them up, and making magic happen on screen. That trend definitely continues in Season 4. From Wynonna and Nedley working together to figure out what’s going on, to a few other more surprising pairings, these Wynonna writers keep showing that they really can put any two together and there’s sure to be some magic on screen.


It’s time to check in!

At the end of Season 3, Emily Andras and Co. left us with so many different cliffhangers. Why were Wynonna and Nedley the only ones left in town? What happened to Nicole and Jeremy? What is going to happen to Waverly and Doc now that they’ve gone into the Garden? Thankfully, the premiere serves to give viewers a quick status check-in with all the characters. After two years of waiting, it did our heart good to just get our eyeballs on some of these characters again.

Some very real isolation feelings

While the Wynonna Earp writers didn’t write this season knowing that we’d all be forced to stay alone in our houses for months on end, thanks to a global pandemic, there’s some real themes of isolation in Season 4 that already seem to be at work. No, everyone on Wynonna isn’t in quarantine, but we can already sense how the loneliness of some characters feels very very relatable to our current real world situation.

Lookout for those Easter Eggs!

Andras has said that she wanted to include some nods to the Earpers as a small thank you for all the work they put into the Fight for Wynonna. Some of these can be found right away in the Season 4 premiere, but they’re woven in so wonderfully that nothing is over the top or too fan service-y. Earpers, you’re going to love it!


A distinct look and feel

Many Wynonna Earp fans have noted that there seems to be a shift in tone visually throughout the Season 4 trailer that was released. That carries over into the Season 4 episodes as well and it was remarkable to see what director Paolo Barzman was able to do in the premiere. Barzman, who has directed many Wynonna Earp episodes in the past, continues to capture this show, these characters, and that amazing Calgary beauty in a way that is a continuous visual treat for viewers. 

Getting off on the wrong foot

There are several new characters that are supposed to be on board at some point in Season 4, and we get to meet some in the premiere. Unfortunately, they may not be getting off on the best foot with Wynonna. Can they overcome that and still form a relationship? Will they be able to help Wynonna in her quest to get Waverly and Doc back?


Wynonna Earp Season 4 premieres Sunday, July 26 at 10/9c on SYFY and CTV Sci Fi.