10 Times Grey’s Anatomy Completely Broke Our Hearts This Season

meredith cry

For the last 11 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy there have been plenty of moments where we’ve smiled, perched ourselves at the edge of our seats and cried. Oh, how we’ve cried. This season of the show in particular has been a rough one on fans, what with the #tearsofgreys theme this season really kicking things into high gear and ripping our hearts from our chests on a regular basis.

We’re not even talking about Derek’s eventual fate, which was of course devastating. We’re talking about all of the other heartbreaking moments that went down this season; moments we’re still not sure we can get over heading into Thursday night’s finale.

The Calzona Break-Up

When Callie and Arizona took their month-long, therapist-instructed break from each other we were sure they would work things out. After all, they did break the no contact rule … several times. But as soon as Arizona started talking in the therapist’s office we knew there was something up with Callie. She broke down too easily. After listening to Arizona pour her heart out Callie shocked us all. She had realized that she was happier apart from Arizona and she didn’t want to try to fix them anymore. In those few short minutes Callie managed to rip our Calzona ‘shipper hearts right out from our chests and completely crush them.

Jackson & April’s Baby

This storyline had us crying right from the very beginning. How could the Grey’s writers bless this amazing couple with a surprise pregnancy, only to torture them by putting them through the hell of such a horrible diagnosis? We watched this couple go through excruciating pain week after week but the most heartbreaking scene by far had to be watching April and Jackson hold their tiny baby in their arms and say goodbye to him. Multiple boxes of Kleenexes were needed to get through that scene.


Amelia and Owen in the Chapel

In an episode that focused mostly on Jackson and April’s baby, Amelia had a few standout moments where we could really see that she was hurting. Many fans had forgotten that Amelia, while on Private Practice, had gone through a similar experience with her own baby and, as you can expect, losing a baby is not something that you ever really get over. Watching Amelia suffer through the day right along with Jackson and April was hard to watch, but the scene that really broke our hearts was the one between her and Owen in the chapel.

Dr. Herman’s Tumor

It took us a while to warm up to Dr. Herman. Geena Davis played her brilliantly, but she wasn’t exactly a likable character. She was overly hard on Arizona (one of our favourites) and was just downright mean to pretty much everyone else, even the ones that were trying to save her life. But, when we watched her get snapped into that horrible head restraint for her radiation treatment and reach out for Arizona’s hand, we couldn’t help but feel for her. In this moment we saw that there really was a person hidden behind that harsh exterior and she was breaking. Arizona’s reaction mirrored exactly how we were all feeling in that moment. Heartbroken.


Amelia’s Bathroom Breakdown

Watching Amelia prepare for Nicole’s surgery was amazing. She was so confident and so sure of herself. She even gave us goose bumps when she stood up on that stage and presented her plans for surgery to her peers. But right before she went in to the operating room, Amelia snuck in to the bathroom and completely broke down. In that moment we saw how she had been feeling all along. All that stress and pressure that she had put on herself finally came to head and she just couldn’t hold it together any longer. Our hearts broke for her in the moment, especially when we knew that she still had an incredibly long and difficult surgery ahead of her.

Derek & Amelia’s Talk

In most cases an admission of love would be a happy occurrence, but for Amelia it’s a different story. Her life has been packed full of tragedy and heartbreak, and because of it she seems incapable of letting herself be happy. She and Owen seemed to be building a lovely relationship, one that seemed so well fitting for both of them, and we had hoped that things might finally be looking up for her. But in that conversation with Derek, when she said how terrified she was that her love for Owen might destroy her, we knew that Amelia was still stuck behind that protective wall that she had put up for herself. Derek’s response was amazing and so supportive of his sister, but we knew this was probably the beginning of the end for Owen and Amelia. As hard as she seems to try, Amelia still can’t let herself be happy.


Owelia’s Plane Crash Ending

We here at The TV Junkies were big fans of Owen and Amelia’s relationship. They seemed a perfect fit for each other and we had high hopes that it would work out and give them both a chance to finally be happy. Owen seemed to be all-in right from the beginning, but Amelia had her reservations. Every man that she has ever loved has died and she feared that by loving Owen she would be forcing that same fate on him. This fear stopped her from going all-in on their relationship and eventually she ended up accidentally hurting Owen. That was the last straw for Owen and in a heartbreaking scene, Owen ended their relationship after comparing it to a plane crash.


Meredith’s Goodbye to Derek

Really the entirety of “How to Save a Life” was one giant heartbreaking scene after another. But it was that last scene where Meredith went in, all by herself, and told Derek that it was OK to go, that she and the kids would be OK. That scene really did us in. We are pretty sure that we are never, EVER, getting over that one.


Amelia Finally Accepting Derek’s Death

In “She’s Leaving Home,” a year passed after Derek’s death and during that year Amelia avoided accepting the pain of his death. With the pain from his death bottled up inside her Amelia, spiraled back down the path towards her addiction. She stopped going to meetings and even got her hands on some Oxycontin (her drug of choice). Luckily, this all came to head on the day that Owen returned from his stint in the Army and he was able to talk her out of taking those pills. In a heartbreaking scene, Amelia finally broke down and let all that pain out that she had kept bottled up inside her for so long.


Amelia confronting Meredith

At the time of Derek’s death we questioned why Meredith was there all alone with him. Amelia and Derek had a really special brother – sister relationship so we were sure that Amelia would have wanted the chance to see him one last time and say goodbye. Well, we were right. Even after a year, Amelia was still not over Derek’s death and in this heartbreaking scene she confronted Meredith about not being able to try and save him and not being able to say goodbye. Both Amelia and Meredith broke down and we were not far behind.

As much as we’ve loved this whole #tearsofgreys theme this season we are pretty sure that it just about did us in. Here’s hoping that next season has a happier theme.

What were your most heartbreaking scenes from this season of Grey’s Anatomy? Did we leave any out? Add them and your thoughts to the comments below.

The Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 finale airs Thursday, May 14 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC and CTV.