10 Reasons to watch The 100


Alright all you fellow TV Junkies, here’s your mission, should you choose to accept it: get bingeing and catch up on the CW’s The 100 … NOW! No excuses. This article may self destruct in 10 reasons. 

While the holidays may be a time to spend with friends and family, we all know that midseason hiatuses and fall finales have left us with a void when it comes to TV. I’m hoping you’ll choose to fill that void with The 100.

First up, if you’re unfamiliar with the show’s premise, we’ll offer this very brief summary: 97 years in the future, a group of 100 “delinquent” teenagers are sent down to what was previously thought to be an uninhabitable, nuclear devastated Earth. They quickly find out they were wrong, and things become complicated as they encounter different groups of people already living there, such as the “Grounders,” who aren’t exactly rolling out the welcome mat. There’s really so much more going on but we don’t want to give anything away.

I’ll admit it, I was late to this party as well, having only recently caught up. I’m so happy that I did! I had read articles similar to this one, telling me I needed to watch the show, but I still resisted, thinking “yea but do I really need another show? My plate is so full already.” I know now that the answer to that question is a resounding YES!

So without further ado, here’s 10 reasons why (in no particular order) you need to make The 100 your first choice when it comes to bingeing this holiday season:


1. It’s Science Fiction done right

Make no mistake, this is science fiction at its best and is 100 per cent the real deal. The elements and stories it is telling are deeply rooted in science fiction. However, that doesn’t mean it’s only for those that are fans of the genre, because even if you don’t usually like sci-fi you’ll get into this one. While I enjoy shows such as Arrow and The Flash, I would never identify myself as a sci fi fan, but The 100 has me completely hooked and immersed into the story it’s telling.


2. The stakes are always high

Something to keep in mind with The 100, the stakes are always raised and the show is never afraid of “going there.” There’s always danger lurking just around the corner (or even at times from within) and as a viewer you always FEEL it! The show regularly keeps viewers on the edge of their seats and will leave you with your jaw regularly dropped on the floor at the end of each episode.


3. It’s Action Packed!

The 100 is always off and running as it wastes no time getting the action going each week. You want big battle scenes, heart pounding action sequences or literal “cliffhanger” rescues? This show has it in spades. While it may air on the small screen, the action sequences easily make the viewer feel as if you’re watching on the silver screen instead.


4. Characters that evolve

I’m issuing a warning now: the first few episodes have some rough moments and you may question why this show comes so highly recommended. My advice: stick with it! The show’s plot will get better but so will the characters. When Bellamy (Bob Morley) is introduced he’s fairly one note and it’s easy to dislike him as he comes off pretty much like a heartless thug. However, over time, more is revealed and I promise you will come to love and understand him, making us all feel like this:


But Bellamy’s not the only one, characters such as Raven, Finn and Kane have all changed dramatically over the show’s short run and in the process have become some of the most interesting pieces of the show.

5. Woman Power

Beyonce was right: on The 100 it’s girls who run the world.


There are so many great women on this show and in so many positions of power and strength, from doctors to tribal leaders and even a space mechanic! I have two young daughters and I’ll be adding The 100 to the list of shows I want them to watch when they get a bit older. Are they perfect? No, these women have flaws and make mistakes, but they are never not interesting and fascinating to watch. Let’s review just a sampling of some of the awesome women that make up The 100:

Octavia Blake- who is becoming quite the warrior thanks to her close relationship with a grounder.


Abby Griffin – Chief Medical Officer and former councilwoman on the Ark


Raven Reyes – primary mechanic for the 100.


Anya – leader of a unit in the Grounders


Lexa – New leader of the Grounders


6. Clarke Griffin

Perhaps the best female character on the show, and one of the best on TV at this moment,  though is the show’s protagonist Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor).


Just like the other women, she’s not without her flaws, but she’s compassionate and a great leader. Don’t even get me started how totally badass she is either! I often find myself wondering “What would Clarke do?” and then I realize the answer is, “whatever she wants!” She defies gender stereotypes, and while she may look like a gorgeous supermodel, don’t underestimate her. When it comes down to it, she’s just flat out awesome!

7. Diversity

I’ve already discussed how the show deals with gender, but it’s also breaking the mold for diversity on network TV. The 100 boasts one of the most diverse cast of characters out there. There’s a partially paralyzed hispanic, asians and african americans that make up the show’s cast and you know what? It’s no big deal, just as it should be.

8. Ease and Accessibility

It couldn’t be any easier to catch up on a show than it is The 100. First off, there aren’t a large number of episodes. The first season only had 13 episodes and the seventh episode of the second season airs Wednesday night. That’s only 20 episodes people, leaving plenty of time for you to still visit with family and friends. That’s not even the best part. Not only are there not a ton of episodes, but they are very accessible. Season 1 is available on Netflix and Season 2 is available online at cwtv.com or if you’re in Canada, Netflix CA uploads them right after they air.

9. It’s not your typical CW show

Before you scoff at the idea of getting into a show that airs on the CW think again. This show is not just for teens overly concerned with love triangles. In fact, romance is often the last thing on the minds of these characters when they are simply trying to survive each week. The 100 doesn’t just defy the mold for CW shows, but network dramas altogether. The show regularly explores how far humans are willing to go to survive and showcases the best and worst of humanity. It poses the tough questions to its characters, just like ones that are faced in the real world, like how should violence be used in times of war?


10. Interactive cast and writers

Are you a fan of live tweeting your favorite tv shows? Then you’ll love the cast of The 100 who regularly tweet episodes live along with fans. They are fun and have a sense of humor, no one more so than executive producer and creator Jason Rothenberg. Don’t believe me? Check out the small sample of tweets below:



So there you have it, 10 reasons why I hope you’ll make The 100 your holiday homework assignment. Take my word for it, The 100 is flat out awesome and I have no doubt if you give it a try you’ll find yourself like me, completely hooked!

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on the CW.