When Calls The Heart: Top 5 Moments From “Change of Heart”

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Hallmark / Crown Media
Hallmark / Crown Media

When Calls The Heart was back this week with another fun and exciting episode. In fact, I think that “Change of Heart” might have been the most exciting episode of the season thus far. So much happened. Gowan managed to get his charges dropped and stepped back into his role as mayor, Elizabeth confronted Shane about how he was raising his son and stood up to Ray Wyatt to get some more funding for the school. Cody, missing his time spent with Pastor Frank, teamed up with Rosemary to try and get Frank and Abigail back together. Matchmaker Rosemary helped Murphy and Katie Yost share their feelings for each other, a troop of Mounties rode through town, the robbers from last week’s episode returned, again trying to rob Wyatt’s payroll, and a new mysterious man showed up in Hope Valley.

All that in just one episode! But from the looks of the two promos that we saw last night (one that was accidentally put up on Hallmark’s website and one that appeared after the episode) it looks like things are just getting started on When Calls The Heart. This is sure to be a very exciting Season 4 and I can’t wait to see more of it. Now let’s get back to this episode and talk about our favorite things. Read on to see the moments that really stood out for me this week.


Faith & the Infirmary

I’ve always been a huge fan of Faith’s. I’m so glad that we are getting to see a bit more of her and her life working at the infirmary. It’s sure to be a busy place with both the sawmill and railroad in town, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Hope Valley warranted a doctor as well as a nurse before the end of the season. I think it’s possible that that doctor might already be in town…

Cody trying to get Abigail and Frank back together

It was heartbreaking to see how upset Cody was about Frank and Abigail’s split. He really did like spending time with both Frank and Abigail and was missing it now that Frank was gone. I loved seeing him working with Rosemary in trying to figure out how to get them back together, and I’m glad that in the end they found the perfect thing to do so. Frank and Abigail needed to talk, that’s it. Both of them were just too stubborn to admit it. Fishing on the pier together was a perfect set up and I’m so glad that they managed to get things figured out.

Carson Shepherd

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Paul Greene (Bitten) make his appearance on When Calls The Heart since I first heard he was going to be on the show. We were given almost no information about his character and I’m kind of happy that they left his as such a mystery. It’s going to be interesting to watch his story unfold this season and I have a feeling he is going to bring us more than a few surprises.

So far I’m liking what I’m seeing with Carson. He seems like a nice, genuine guy who’s not afraid to go out of his way to help others — even if he ends up getting injured in his efforts. And did you guys catch that bit of medical knowledge that he let slip when he was talking to Faith? I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a doctor. I’m thinking he maybe had a bad experience in his past — posssibly something to do with his wife — and has decided to leave that life and that job in the past. I suspect he’s come to Hope Valley in search of a new life, with no plans of telling anyone that he is or used to be a doctor.

I also think that he and Faith would make a great couple. I know Ray Wyatt has his eyes on her, but he is the epitome of bad news and she deserves someone so much better. Someone like Carson Shepherd, perhaps.

Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/ Eike Schroter
Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/ Eike Schroter

Elizabeth not backing down

I was seriously impressed with how persistent Elizabeth was with Shane this week. She knew what was best for him and his son and she was not going to give up until she convinced him to do things her way. No child should ever think that they killed their mother, even if she dies in childbirth, and you could see how much it hurt Philip to think that he was responsible for his mom’s death. Shane really did need to step up and start being a proper father to his son. I’m so glad that Elizabeth finally convinced him to do it. I know I wasn’t the only one reaching for the Kleenex when father and son finally hugged in the schoolhouse.

I was also impressed to see Elizabeth stand up to Ray Wyatt about needing to step up and give some support to the school. After all, he was the reason that she had so many new students. But like the old saying says, “no good deed goes unpunished,” and it looks like Elizabeth is going to pay for Ray’s good deed to the school. I have no idea why he thought Elizabeth needed to be replaced. Maybe so she’ll stop bothering him so much? And why would he bring someone else in without even telling her? Can he even do that? The widows pay her salary, don’t they? They should be the ones that have the say over who stays and who goes. I knew Ray Wyatt was going to be trouble but I never thought he would go this far. The next few weeks are going to be very interesting.

Abigail standing up to Gowan

Not surprisingly Gowan, with a lot of help from Ray Wyatt, was able to weasel his way out of the charges that were pending against him and oust Abigail from her position as Mayor. We all knew it was coming. I was just hoping that it wouldn’t happen so quickly and I wish that Gowan hadn’t immediately jumped into Ray Wyatt’s boat. I had hoped Gowan was changing, but who am I kidding? That’s never going to happen.

I do love that Abigail is still standing up to Gowan. She knows he’s bad and doesn’t deserve that job as Mayor. I don’t think anything is going to stop her from putting him in his place. I am curious as to why they’ve never had an election in Hope Valley. Both Gowan and Abigail fell into their jobs because they had been the head of the town’s council. Maybe it’s time that the town had their say and actually voted for their Mayor.

Hope Valley Tidbits
  • I loved seeing all the new, young Mounties in town but I couldn’t help but get a bad feeling about it. They are heading up north to dangerous territory and I have a feeling that not all of them will be coming back from that trip.
  • Wasn’t it great to see Rosemary back working on her column again? She never fails to make me laugh and this episode was no exception. You can’t help but love those little digs she gets in on Elizabeth.
  • Liam Hughes who plays young Philip Cantrell deserves another huge shout out this week. What a talented young actor he is! He had me reaching for the Kleenexes a few times this week.
  • Ray’s interest in Faith is still creeping me out. I know he is not a good guy and I really hope that Faith doesn’t get pulled into his web of charm. She deserves so much better, someone like the new guy in town…
  • I was so happy to see Clara wanting to go and work and Dottie’s dress shop. She is an excellent seamstress and is sure to make an excellent addition to Dottie’s shop, as long as Rosemary doesn’t get in the way of it all.
  • I was also happy to see Frank stepping up again this week. He really has become an asset to the town and not only as their pastor. I hope that they continue to use his many talents throughout the season.

What did you think of this weeks episode of When Calls The Heart? Did we pick your favourite parts? Miss any? Let us know by leaving a few thoughts in the comments section below.

When Calls The Heart airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel.

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