Travelers Preview: How to Save a Life

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Monday night’s episode of Travelers explores some big issues for our time-traveling team when one of them breaks the rules for the sake of easing their conscience. The end result leads them to a bloody showdown in a case they were never meant to be part of.

“Aleksander” moves away from the world-saving missions and instead gives us a look at the difficult reality and moral consequences involved in taking over someone’s life and knowing the future. The series continues to display terrific performances across the board for their main cast, although Reilly Dolman (Philip) is a true stand out. With that said, here are a few more hints of what to expect in in the next episode of Travelers.

The Travelers face a moral dilemma

Their latest mission to meet a new Traveler is suddenly derailed by a last minute change in the future, and Philip questions why they can’t save the intended host from dying. That question spurs a major debate between the team members about their moral obligation to use their knowledge of future events to save lives outside of their immediate mission, defying Protocol 3: don’t interfere.

Philip struggles with his addiction

Things continue to spiral for Philip as he tries to find a balance between handling his host body’s addiction and keeping cool for their ongoing missions. To make matters worse, he decides to attend the funeral of his host’s former best friend, the man who he left to die of an overdose, and receives a cold welcome.


In the future, everyone is vegan

If you didn’t get the hint after McLaren’s (Eric McCormack) cow’s milk bashing in last week’s episode, the show’s third episode confirms that our Travelers are accustomed to a purely plant-based diet. I guess it really does take the end of the world for veganism to catch on.

While some of our Travelers try to find a way to integrate their vegan diet into the host’s daily life, others are more than happy to cross over to the dark side for a taste of a sweet, sweet cheeseburger.

Integration is hard to do

When all you know about your host body is what you read from their Facebook and Twitter accounts, it’s not long before gaps emerge. We’ve seen some major shocks for Marcy (Mackenzie Porter) and Philip, but McLaren and Trevor (Jared Abrahmanson) are starting to discover that it’s the little details that could give them away. For McLaren, it’s getting harder and harder to convince his wife and FBI partner that he’s the same man he was. For Trevor, he has to decide if he can live with being a bully.

Someone catches on to one of our Travelers

A security feed caught the moment Marcy’s body was taken over–you know, that point where she went from being completely defenseless to taking on a gang singlehandedly. Needless to say, it brings up a few questions, and leads a certain police officer directly to David’s (Patrick Gilmore) door to figure out what’s going on.


Should the Travelers defy Protocol 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.

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