Sons of Anarchy lets the Jury out

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You know those weeks where nothing you seem to do is the right decision? Like paying actual, hard-earned money to see Dracula Untold at the movies, or trying to be healthy by making chocolate mousse with an avocado (Michael Symon, you LIED about how good it tastes)? Yeah, Jax is having one of those weeks on Sons of Anarchy. One could easily argue he’s been having that type of season, but Tuesday saw Jax take his impulsive moves to a level so extreme, I’m starting to think the club will simply implode on itself come the series finale.

At first it seemed like maybe this week we’d see Jax try and put a level head on. Retreating back up to the rooftops, a familiar spot where the young Jax we all knew and loved from seasons past would spend his days secretly writing his own visions to turn the club legitimate, it seemed like maybe a bit of vulnerability could help Jax re-evaluate the moves he was making in his quest for vengeance. Chibs and Jax’s relationship has always been one of my favourite parts of the show, so seeing Chibs try and reassure the club’s president that giving up was not an option had me convinced Jax would be able to pull himself together, find a way to help Bobby–thankfully still alive–and finally, FINALLY get to the bottom of the club rat.

My high hopes only continued when the boys hit the road, visited Gib O’Leary’s parents (why hello there, Don Swayze and Dale Dickey!) and discovered what we’d successfully guessed this whole time: that Jury was Gib’s father. That should have meant that Jury was the rat, and Jax would expose him, and they’d vote for him to meet Mr. Mayhem, and the Sons would finally have gotten rid of one of their problems this season. But instead, Jury claimed he’d never ratted his club out, a denial I can’t help but believe (if not him, though, then who?), and tried planting a seed of doubt in Jax’s head that JT actually knew he was being set up for murder and killed himself to save his family, a pretty crazy accusation so late in the game.

And that was when Jax snapped. Killing Jury point blank was the dumbest thing Jax could’ve done, because not only has he rattled the pipelines of the other Sons of Anarchy charters and may have made allies into doubtful friends–or even eventual enemies–it was a move right out of his mother’s handbook. He may be their president, but I don’t think a single person actually believed that Jury admitted to ratting the club out, and now the club is on shakier ground than ever before.

The only thing that surprised me more than Jury’s point-blank death was finding out Thomas hadn’t been kidnapped, despite the threatening message written on his wall and the dead birds in Gemma’s bed (has she ever been so remorseful about anything before?). I am curious whether it was Marks’ crew that made the home-turf attack or whether someone else is deciding to hit the club at its most vulnerable spot. Perhaps it was the person that really ratted out the club, if it wasn’t Jury?

No matter the case, the biggest issue right now other than Jax’s lies to the club is that Bobby’s still at the mercy of August, officially unable to ride a motorcycle without his clutch hand any longer. Since the episode ended the same way it ended last week, I don’t know if the latest blow will motivate Jax or send him further into the deep end, but the chances of the club collapsing on itself have never been higher.

Additional Anarchy:

  • I take all complaints I’ve ever had about Abel back. His dig about Gemma not knowing what an accident is was pure gold. Keep it coming, bud.
  • I used to love Gemma’s rude comments to outsiders that question her family, but when it comes to Abel and his imitations of his family the whole situation just makes me sad.
  • Loved that Tig shot at Renee’s husband when he grabbed the kid. Sometimes you forget how truly decent of a guy he is at heart.
  • Jax’s parenting skills are absolutely comical at best.
  • Rat Boy’s quick thinking in the episode may have earned him a sliver more of my respect since shacking up with Brooke the pre-teen.

Thoughts? Drop us a line through the comments below and check out a promo for next week.

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX and Super Channel.


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