Random Reshuffling Led to Exit on ‘Survivor’

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Being voted off of Survivor is a drag. But there were perks after Kelley Wentworth was eliminated from the newly reshuffled Coyopa tribe last week. It wasn’t quite a merger, but a random reshuffling of the tribes after one team had lost three members at tribal and the other only one meant Wentworth was the next face off the island.

“Eating! Running water!” she exclaimed over the phone with The TV Junkies last week. “It’s just so weird to be holding a cell phone again.”

Being one of four people who came from Hunahpu to Coyopa didn’t go well for her. The new Coyopa was all coupled up, with Jon and Jaclyn reunited, Baylor and her mother Missy both there and Wentworth back with her dad, Dale. Only Wes was still playing with a relation on the other team (he and Keith essentially swapped). Tribal showed that anybody could have gone home — Dale had two votes, Baylor had two as well, but three voted for Kelley (all from the other women on the tribe, as it turns out).

But a fight between Baylor and Dale only intensified when their loved ones were added to the tribe, and Wentworth ended up as the victim out of retaliation. On camera, Wentworth said one of the oddest things somebody could say on Blood vs. Water, “I almost wish I didn’t play with my dad. I think it was more of a hinderance than a help for me.” Kelley and Dale Wentworth, who even applied to be on The Amazing Race five years ago, were still trying to repair their relationship when they got on Survivor, though she says they’re doing much better now.

As for the infamous Survivor conditions, they weren’t what tripped up Wentworth.

“I grew up on a farm,” she said. “I was used to being outside, used to getting my hands dirty…It wasn’t that bad. Just the mental aspects. You don’t realize when you’re out there, your mind never shuts off. You miss two conversations and suddenly you’re in jeopardy. It makes you super paranoid.”

She also had to contend with being called evil by Drew, who pulled off a total implosion two weeks back. Wentworth said she still can’t quite figure out why he had such animosity for her. But she added that maybe he was surprised that she didn’t swoon over him.

“I think Drew and I are very different people,” Wentworth said finally.

Going forward, things don’t look good for Coyopa. “If you look at the two tribes, Coyopa’s the one with one 55 year old guy and one 45 year old, and one strong guy,” Wentworth said. “On Hunapu you have Jeremy, Josh, Reed and Wes — all big athletic guys.”

And almost weekly, the competitions have been physical. “Where are the puzzles?” Wentworth wondered. “I’ve been waiting for the puzzles.”

Previews show that tonight, Dale will show off his fake immunity idol, pretending it’s real. And there’s a big negotiation coming between host Jeff Probst and the Hunaypu tribe over getting some rice that will no doubt be filled with tension.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Global and CBS.

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