National anthem fail is actually inspiring

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Well, it’s official. Hockey is back, and while we’re cool with that, now we have an even greater dilemma every night when we settle down and decide what the heck to watch. DVR our shows and watch the shoot out now? Wait until a little later in the season, when we have a better idea of who’s injured and which teams are letting us down (again)?

Here’s the thing. Sometimes the greatest drama actually goes down on the ice (or football field, or basketball court), and the way people deal with heartbreak is pretty damned inspiring. Just ask Mark Donnelly, the Vancouver Canuck’s national anthem singer. First of all, why would anyone think singing and skating at the same time is a good idea? That’s like texting and walking, only in the middle of winter on an icy sidewalk. Second of all, the arena is clearly way too dark for the poor guy to see the red carpet. This was obviously bound to happen. Still, watch how he doesn’t even miss a beat. Our new hero? Well, let’s not go THAT far. But this is definitely a convincing argument for why we should maybe be tuning into some NHL games after all.

You tell us: national anthem fail or inspiring dude. Sound off below!

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