Misery on Reign

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We’re keeping up with the M3 air dates for Reign, so if you haven’t seen “Blood for Blood” yet, get back in that converted barn and hide out from this review until you’re all caught up.

The mystery of Caroline’s haunting was revealed on Reign, as the religious debate between Protestants and Catholics began to explode inside France and Francis, to save Mary, dropped a pretty unforgivable bomb on his wife. But I’ll be honest, the most upsetting thing about Wednesday’s “Blood for Blood” was when Greer actually followed through with her marriage to Castleroy.

It may not have been the climactic moment of the episode, and was probably more of a blip in the lives of her friends who’ve all been married themselves, but since it was the end of my immediate hopes for Leith and Greer finally getting over themselves and getting back together, it was a pretty hefty event. That’s even after Leith thought he’d finally found a last minute reprieve that would give Greer a reason to walk away from the boring, loaded and often deceptive noble without ruining her name in the process. Unfortunately, it seems like Greer took last week’s pledge of being partners pretty seriously—less so the one about security—and figured Castleroy being a newly converted Protestant in the violently Catholic court was a great idea for a future.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that Francis’ newfound position against Protestants might mean the end of Castleroy, and soon. I’m aware of how terrible this sounds, but watching Leith’s face when Greer showed up in her wedding dress after running just late enough to give him hope was pretty damn heartbreaking. It didn’t help that Leith finally showed he could be the better man and let Castleroy slip away from the king’s men after the fire, and again when he calmly told Greer to speak to the man before marrying him to find out the truth—avoiding the kind of scene that ruined everything in the first place. And while it would have been really cruel of Greer to call off her engagement over something like religion, especially when her queen was trying to push France towards religious tolerance, I’m at the point where any excuse will do. Tragically, Greer seems to have the same feelings, only for whatever small reason she can find to keep up this relationship long past its sell-by date.


The whole, miserable side-plot almost stood in the way of my small victory dance over being right about Narcisse, Caroline and Francis. Reign might like to tease us with the possibility of the supernatural, but given how the first season ended I wasn’t really falling for the ghosts in the castle, and especially not Caroline-as-Henry. This time around she pushed Francis into finally admitting he’s the one who killed Henry, and with Narcisse popping up in the background in time to catch it, I knew I was right to call the whole thing a set up. Of course, the small dance break killer is that Narcisse now has the power over the king he was hoping for, and no amount of flirting with Lola is going to make that OK.

Thanks to some clever legal advice from the nefarious lord, Francis was too afraid to tell Mary why he’s changed his position on the Catholics in case it eventually meant her head on a block (which is kind of cute, in an ironic, doomed-fate sort of way). Mary worked herself into a frenzy trying to figure out why there was suddenly distance between them when they’d just (again) worked out that they were going to rule as partners. And then offered up the suggestion that Francis was pulling away because he was convinced she couldn’t have kids. It was a lie the desperate king grabbed, I’m assuming without really thinking it through, because I can’t see him making up for that accusation any time soon.

On the bright side, misery loves company and there’s now plenty going around.

Reign-ing bits:

  • “And please, your hair.” You know it’s a dark episode when Catherine throwing shade halfway through is the first funny moment.
  • I was not a fan of Greer’s dress, which is a shame because the rest of the outfits in this episode were stunning.
  • “Henry died. I lived.” I really wanted Catherine to be the author of the journal, but I’ll settle for this innuendo.
  • At least they haven’t totally tamed Kenna with marriage. No reason why she can’t stay loyal to Bash and still enjoy a good read too.
  • As for Lola and Narcisse, again I say no. Just no.

Is it worth hoping Leith and Greer will happen anytime soon? Can Francis recover from his lie? Sound off below!

Reign airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on M3 and Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW and CTV2.

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