Lethal Weapon’s Keesha Sharp on What She’d Like to See in Season 2

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Credit: Rowan Daly
Credit: Rowan Daly

Keesha Sharp appears as Trish Murtaugh, the bold, bright, and tough attorney on the FOX drama Lethal Weapon. Oh and she also happens to be the wife of Roger (Damon Wayans). But that’s certainly not the most interesting thing about her crazy fierce character. The cop procedural reboot of the classic 80s film of the same name, matches its intense action packed scenes with witty dialogue and makes for one of this season’s stand out series for the network.

The TV Junkies caught up with Sharp and talked all about her character Trish, what she would like to see happen in the show’s second season, and what we can look forward to in this week’s high energy and revealing episode.


The TV Junkies: What drew you to Trish as a character?  What made you want to play her?

Keesha Sharp: I loved how Trish is multi-dimensional. So many times the “wife” is depicted as the caretaker alone and not much else. But with Trish, she is a loving mother, supportive wife, successful attorney and a tough defender of those who can’t help themselves. Any actress would want to play her and I’m glad I get to!

TTVJ: How is it working with Damon?  Did the chemistry come naturally to the two of you or was it something that developed over time?  It comes across so well with Trish and Roger!

KS: Damon and I have a great relationship as we respect each other and have fun on set. What’s amazing about the chemistry is they knew what they were doing. The first time Damon and I met was on the job. We never had a chemistry read and yet, from the first scene together, we just “clicked”.


TTVJ: Aside from Trish, which character would you like to see explored more?  Which character would you like to see more from?

KS: I would love to see more of Scorsese’s (Johnathan Fernandez) backstory and personal life. We always see him on the job, but never see his personal life, and the same goes for Captain Avery, Bailey, and Cahill.

TTVJ: Your show is based off the hit 80s films, so if you could turn any classic movie into a series which film would it be?

KS: Great question! I think either The Jerk by Steve Martin, where we could watch him growing up (like an Everybody Hates Chris thing) or True Lies, which could be a lot of fun. Married spies! Maybe even have my husband and I play it!

TTVJ: You guys were recently renewed for a Season 2!  What would you like to see explored next season?  What would you like to see happen with Trish?

KS: I want to see Riggs (Clayne Crawford) get to a place where he can harness his wild streak and use it more productively without losing his aggressive nature. I would like to see Trish helping people and at some point, be the one rescuing Riggs and Roger!

TTVJ: What can you tell us about this week’s episode?

KS: A huge question about Riggs’ wife was answered and we will see Riggs coming off the rails as a result of it. It will be a roller coaster ride for the audience and I think an awesome lead into next season.

TTVJ: What shows are you currently loving on TV?

KS: The main shows that I have to watch immediately as they air are Game of Thrones and Homeland. I also have several friends and colleagues on various shows that I try to watch and keep up with all of them!  I don’t want to single any of those out!


What are your thoughts on Lethal Weapon? What would you like to see next season on the FOX series? Let us know in the comments below!

Lethal Weapon airs Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET on FOX.

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