Haven: One found, another Goes Missing

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In this week’s episode of Haven, titled “Nowhere Man,” I wasn’t surprised to see the celebration of Audrey’s return cut short. A supernatural Trouble caused Nathan to disappear into a ghostly world and I was left with mixed feelings about where the storyline is taking us now. In the past six episodes Audrey was “missing/trapped” and in last night’s episode, when we finally, fully got her back, Nathan went missing in the most bizarre way, turning the tables AGAIN so Audrey can be the one in search and rescue mode hoping to be reunited with her dearly beloved Nathan Wuornos.

The Trouble itself wasn’t a bad idea; I just think this might have come too soon too fast based on recent events. We needed an episode or two where Audrey and Nathan rediscover each other and try to figure out what needs to be done about Mara. However, things quickly turned for the worse when Nathan realized he cannot feel Audrey’s touch anymore. It’s like they are living a more tragic love story than Romeo and Juliet. OK, OK, I might be over-exaggerating but let’s look at their track record. When Nathan and Audrey did eventually reveal their true feelings for each other, their actual romance was incredibly short-lived. Audrey disappeared into the barn/bar and came out pretending to be Lexie, then she turned into Mara and the whole William thing happened. Their actual time together can be reduced to maybe a handful of times, and as soon as they come close to finding their way back, Nathan is “killed” by a Trouble, subjected to following Audrey around like a helpless puppy, and no longer able to communicate with anyone from the real world.

It would have been nice had they mentioned Agent Howard or James/The Colorado Kid this week, which would have been a much better story to dive into, quite honestly, but even Gloria, Dwight, Dave, and Vince were absence from Thursday’s episode. I’ve said previously that the show is at its best when the season’s arc is supported by the weekly encounters with a Trouble. It was heading there and then spiralled rapidly this week. I mean we went from hating Mara big time to Nathan and Duke seeking her help whenever a new Trouble hits town. I still can’t stand Mara’s character, and she spends pretty much all of her time locked up, confined, or restricted. It’s really boring and moving her around to different prisons doesn’t make it all that more exciting. Which brings me to my next question, is Mara a Friend now or still a Foe?

“Nowhere Man” was an average episode, it wasn’t great, it wasn’t bad, it was just… there. A Trouble that disconnects people from the land of the living, Audrey’s so called return, and a few members of the guard obsessed with killing Mara pretty much sum up the average rating I’m giving. It’s also another to be continued episode, leaving us with the last message written in blood across the tombstone in the graveyard: “Even Ghosts can Die.”

In other words, just when Nathan thought he had a chance at escaping, there is of course a murderer on the loose in the parallel “ghost world,” which is what I’m going to call it. He will have to come up with a better plan and try his best to relay more messages through Mara/Duke before it’s too late though.

My only real issue with this week’s episode, if I haven’t complained too much already and is also a personal preference of mine, is that we need more Duke time and we need more Dwight time. But most importantly, the consistency issue ought to be addressed, the episodes need to flow and be spaced out better. In the mean time we can safely assume they’re saving the really, really good stuff for the end of season five.

Haven airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET on Showcase.

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