Girlboss: 7 Reasons It Could be a One Size Fits All Kind of Show

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Karen Ballard/Netflix
Karen Ballard/Netflix

Are you usually not one for fashion-centric television shows? Have you never seen Sex and the City or Gossip Girl? You aren’t alone as not all TV Junkies are fashion junkies, right? So what should be made of the new Netflix show Girlboss, centering around the fashion empire now known as Nasty Gal, when it becomes available for streaming on Friday, April 21? Sure, there is real life drama surrounding the company, so it was an interesting choice for Netflix to pick up the new thirty minutes series, however, we think the story and flaws could leave its audience with a new show worthy of its time — regardless of whether or not you’re a fashionista.

Britt Robertson (Under the Dome, Tomorrowland) stars as Sophia and is joined by a fairly unknown, but up and coming cast, including Ellie Reed (2 Broke Girls), Alphonso McAuley (The Middle) and Johnny Simmons (The Perks of Being A Wallflower). Sophia has a passion for fashion and through an unlikely route becomes a business woman. She struggles while becoming an entrepreneur and with figuring out what being a boss really means — both in business and in life. Loosely based on Sophia Amoruso’s best selling book and life, Girlboss takes an in depth look at the struggles involved this rags to riches story.

Still not sure Girlboss is worth checking out? Well we’ve got seven reasons why no matter what kind of show you tend to like, this one might be worth the checking out.


Britt Robertson

She’s been a leading lady on the big screen and on our television sets before but after watching the Girlboss trailer it almost seems as if she was meant to play this part. Britt has held her own against some major film actors, including George Clooney, Julie Roberts and Vince Vaughn, but her previous television shows have never gone the distance. We are hopeful this new show will give this leading lady the television credit she deserves.

Kay Cannon

You’ve all heard of Pitch Perfect and 30 Rock, right? Well Cannon was a writer for both those shows and Girlboss is her first time as creator. The tone of the show takes a step away from light-hearted comedy that Cannon is known for, but from what we heard in the trailer her quips still remain strong. She’s written all 13 episodes and with her track record we can’t wait to see what Cannon has for us here.

The guest stars

We don’t know about you, but we’d watch just about anything that RuPaul and Melanie Lynskey are in, so we giggled with delight to see them both have highlight spots in the trailer. Though we aren’t 100 per cent sure about what their roles will be in Girlboss, it looks like RuPaul may be a neighbor and Lynsky is a possible mentor. Director Jamie Babbit is behind the helm of three Girlboss‘ episodes this season, and given her past experience with both RuPaul and Lynskey, we aren’t surprised to see them listed as guests.

Irony of Success

Let’s face it, with a majority of television shows the drama of getting through rough times is easily followed by a happy ending. Everyone gets the job or the love interest, but Sofia Amoruso has never been one to hold back the truth about her struggle to get NastyGal off the ground. We’re interested to see those struggles, but are also curious of how the true life ending could hamper the shows success.

A complex female lead

If you’re familiar with us here at The TV Junkies then you know there’s nothing we like more than a show with a complex, beautifully flawed female lead. That’s exactly what Girlboss is posed to deliver and a main reason why it looks so compelling.


Netflix has taken a chance on a few different shows over the years and a lot of those have paid off. At a recent panel in New York City, Charlize Theron, an executive producer on Girlboss, had a lot to say about the process of pitching the show. Theron said Netflix was a huge draw for her on this project and loved that that they had backed the idea, saying it was OK to have a female lead just as complex as any male lead.


Thinking of adding Girlboss to your next Netflix and chill weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

Girlboss premieres on Netflix in the US and Canada on Friday, April 21.

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