Fear the Walking Dead Preview: Los Muertos

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Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

If the midseason premiere of Fear the Walking Dead had you hungry for more information about our group of survivors you aren’t alone. That episode focused primarily on Nick (Frank Dillane) as he made the long, hard journey to Tijuana. We did get our first glimpse at new character Luciana (Danay Garcia), but what about everyone else? How are they faring?

In this week’s episode, “Los Muertos,” written by Alan Page and directed by Deborah Chow, viewers will get more of an overall idea on how everyone is doing and a more traditional FTWD episode. As you’ll recall, Travis (Cliff Curtis) decided to stay behind with Chris (Lorenzo Henrie), while Madison (Kim Dickens) made her escape with Strand (Colman Domingo), Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Ofelia (Mercedes Mason). The TV Junkies have seen the episode and we’re dropping a few hints about what to expect below. As always, remember that these are teases and no outright spoilers for what goes down.

Where is everybody?

Remember how last week’s episode ended with Nick getting his leg repaired by the doctor at Luciana’s compound and seeing all the hustle and bustle happening there? It was full of men, women and children doing tons of different activities. This week things are a whole lot different when we see Nick and he’s got to figure out where everybody went.

Luciana’s beliefs

It doesn’t take Nick long to find out where Luciana and her people have gone, but he doesn’t like what he finds. Just like Celia had her beliefs about how the infected were a new kind of “dead,” it seems that Luciana and her people have their own belief system on the subject as well. We’ll have a clearer idea of just what those beliefs are after this week and if Nick is going to be falling in line.

Madison won’t give up hope

It seems in the couple of days it’s been since the finale that Madison has been running her group all around looking for signs of Nick. Unfortunately, Strand, Alicia and Ofelia feel like they can’t spend much more time doing this and try to get her to return to the Abigail compound–Travis and Chris could be there after all. Will she relent and give up the search for her son?

Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Alicia’s level head

After some unfortunate circumstances have group morale pretty low, Alicia steps up and tries to get the group focused on where they need to go next and how to stay safe. She’s also dropping some major truth bombs on her mother that, let’s be honest, Madison probably really needs to hear right about now in order to move forward.

Nick earning his keep

Despite a pretty big language barrier, Nick is finding a way to remain useful and earn his way around the compound. It’d be good if he could hurry up and start to pick up his Spanish skills soon though because Luciana isn’t above giving him lots of orders. We’re thinking it’d be in his best interest to know exactly what she’s saying because there’s something that takes no translator to figure out, she means business when it comes to the dead.

A look into Ofelia’s past

While the group of survivors are checking out an abandoned hotel along their journey we get a small glimpse into Ofelia’s past. She takes a minute to reminisce fondly about something important in her past and we get another look at how much she has sacrificed along the way to take care of her family.

Shaken not stirred

Yes, there’s a zombie apocalypse happening but that doesn’t mean you can’t take time out for a good drink right? That’s exactly what two of the survivors do when they have a fun little bonding moment over a couple of martinis.

Ofelia and Alicia bonding time

If you’re a FTWD fan who has been wishing for more scenes between Alicia and Ofelia then your wish is granted this week. The two ladies have some extended time together in this episode and share an interesting conversation about what exactly they are doing and if it’s even worth their time.


Are you excited to check in with other FTWD members to see how they are faring? Sound off in the comments below!

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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