Emmy Nominations Reactions: Faves, Snubs, and Surprises

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The Emmy Association
The Emmy Association

With the 2017 Emmy Awards nominations hot off the presses, two of The TV Junkies writers talked over the nominees, who they felt got snubbed, and the nominations they thought the Association got right. The Emmys are a big deal! Sure, they don’t define a performance or show’s worth completely but it is an incredibly high honor to receive a nomination. This year, there was no shortage of immensely gifted artists. Their performances stood out and wowed us all year long, some more than others. See for yourself which performances  The TV Junkies writers, Megan Haas and Victoria Nelli couldn’t help but gush over!


Favorite nominee?

Megan Haas: I have to say Kate McKinnon because of my undeniable love for her. She has been my favorite since her first season on Saturday Night Live, but she really stepped up her game in the past year. She definitely made sure we would remember her Hillary Clinton portrayal for years to come. My second is Samira Wiley for Moira on The Handmaid’s Tale. Wiley wrapped up her time on Orange is the New Black and left us devastated, but proved that she’s not going anywhere — especially with a Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Victoria Nelli: Sterling K. Brown! I feel the same way about Sterling K. Brown as I do about Tatiana Maslany, meaning they are the most talented actors working on television today. I would watch ANYTHING he was in and know before I even start it that I’ll love it. He’s such a gift to television and I can’t wait to see all that he’ll do next season on This is Us. Jeez, I’m just so happy for him!


Least favorite nominee?

Megan Haas: Anything for Mom because, although the actors are deserving of something for their other works, I’m still not sold on this comedy in comparison to what else is currently on the air. Second, Modern Family. I love to watch reruns like any other person, but another nomination? We get it. They’re great. Let’s shine the light on some others out there.

Victoria Nelli: Modern Family! Don’t get me wrong, I loved Modern Family when it premiered. Hell, I even kept watching for a few years after the fact. It’s a well-written show and it’s extremely entertaining, but my problem isn’t so much with Modern Family being nominated, it’s more so with the fact that a show like Jane the Virgin or Crazy Ex-Girlfriend wasn’t nominated in its place. Those shows are fantastic and so different from other series on TV! Why aren’t they nominated? I would love to see them nominated in the future but, for now, I’ll just be bitter and watch old episodes of Jane the Virgin to get me through this tough time.


Most unexpected nominee?

Megan Haas: I have to say it’s Genius on National Geographic. I saw commercials for it and immediately loved how they made me need to see a show about Albert Einstein. I never thought in a million years a show of this nature would make an appearance at the Emmys.

Victoria Nelli: San Junipero in the “Television Movie” category for Black Mirror. I didn’t think this show would submit their shows as single television movies, but I am so truly thrilled that they did. San Junipero is the one Black Mirror installment that I recommend to people daily. It was a beautiful, engaging, and unique story and it was a captivating from start to finish. I hope it wins.


Most predictable nominee?

Megan Haas: FEUD! Bette and Joan because it’s Ryan Murphy and apparently he needs to fill a quota of how many shows can receive nominations.

Victoria Nelli: Julia Louis Dreyfus. Look, I get it. I watch Veep. She’s hilarious and incredible, BUT please can we agree that this is getting pretty predictable? She’s super talented, but I would really like to see people like Gina Rodriguez, Rachel Bloom, Pheobe Waller-Bridge, and Sharon Horgan get nominated!


Biggest snub?

Megan Haas: Can I say Gilmore Girls? Because it’s Gilmore Girls. Just the fact that this series got that many actors from the original to return for a revival. Can we create a new category for revivals that actually were amazing? Because there needs to be one.

Victoria Nelli: Carrie Coon! Carrie Coon! Carrie Coon! I can’t even begin to describe how profoundly breathtaking her work on the final season of The Leftovers was. It was heartbreaking and real and I don’t think another artist has given a performance like that in a really long time, except for maybe Elisabeth Moss. She is one of the most talented people alive and I am so deeply saddened that the Emmy Association didn’t recognize her for that role.

P.S. I was with a group of friends when the nominations were announced and actually started to cry when I found out she wasn’t nominated. I feel THAT strongly about her performance as Nora Durst.


Must Win?

Megan Haas: Stranger Things — specifically Millie Bobby Brown for her role as Eleven — and The Handmaid’s Tale. Both of these shows had me hooked until the end with performances that had me glued to my screen.

Victoria Nelli: Elisabeth Moss! After I watched the first episode of The Handmaid’s Tale I needed to take a break for an hour because I was so blown away at what I had just watched. That’s only ever happened a few times for me before and when it happened this time, it was because I couldn’t get over Moss’s performance. No one was surprised that she got a nomination and I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone when she takes home the win. She deserves it and I would be beyond thrilled to watch her get it.

P.S. I also NEED Samira Wiley to win Best Supporting Actress, as well as Master of None for “Thanksgiving.”


Long shot nominee? 

Megan Haas: Melanie Scrofano for Wynonna Earp. Of course, we knew it was a long shot because of how long it takes for people to catch on to shows not on the main five networks, but one can dream!

Victoria Nelli: Melanie Scrofano! OK, I get this was a long shot BUT we all saw Season 1 of Wynonna Earp, right? I mean Scrofano just puts it all out there and crushes it every single time. I want her to get nominated next year because Season 2 is on some other level of greatness and, well, it’s something that I think many people would agree with me about. She is the definition of a superhero and it’s a damn shame she didn’t receive any Emmy love. Please, Emmy Association, don’t forget Scrofano next year!


Who do you feel was snubbed? Any shows you wish you could’ve seen on the nominee list? Sound off in the comments!

The Emmy Awards air Sunday, September 17 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS and CTV.

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