Criminal Minds: Trick or Treat

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This week’s Criminal Minds revolved around a disturbed individual who kidnapped and punished unruly young boys. That was made worse by upcoming Halloween, hitting close to home as young Jack Hotchner went looking for this year’s costume.

We saw the more fatherly side of Hotch come out during Wednesday’s episode. Halloween has always been a big thing in the Hotchner household, and this year we saw Hotch visiting a psychic friend of Garcia’s to retrieve a box. It turned out Garcia’s psychic friend had a friend who works in Hollywood, and had some authentic Darth Vader props shipped over. The connection helped our favourite mini-Hotch take home ‘Best Costume’ in his class–not that there was any mystery to this part of the episode. Jack was beyond adorable dressed up as a pint-sized Darth Vader even once he’d passed out on the couch.

But this week was a bit of a nightmare come true for parents, especially at this time of the year when children go outside at night with their friends. Our UnSub targeted young boys who were out to wreak havoc on the neighbourhood during Halloween. His last victim was out egging houses when he was kidnapped, which may also be a forcefully suggestion not to go around engaging in general mayhem, whatever time of year it is. Then again, punishing someone for something that minor by locking them in a box for 364 days is a bit extreme. It’s no wonder his first victim did not survive the ordeal, but his second one was luckier. It definitely reminded me to have a talk with the younger members of my family about Stranger Danger and Halloween safety (not to knock Hotch or Jack, but stay off the masks at night too).

This whole episode had me hoping we’d be seeing more of Jack and Henry this season, and not just over the holidays. They’re such cute little kids, which isn’t always the case on TV (Abel and Carl anyone?). And while we’re showing a bit more of our team’s home life, it was also briefly mentioned during the episode that Kate was a parent. We know she has an adopted daughter, Meg, but she still has not been formally introduced to the team (and us). I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll get a chance to meet this mystery kid, if only for an adorable Meg/Reid meeting. Did anyone notice the lack of Reid in this episode? I miss the adorable genius!

Happy Halloween, TV Junkies!

Extra treats:

  • Henry does have a point; the F.B.I should consider using web shooters.
  • Hotch does a pretty good imitation of Darth Vader. Which is a little bit scary.
  • Reid managed to remember the transcript between the detective and the mother of the first victim. I know they’re all geniuses and all, but I am jealous of his memorization skills.

What did you think of this episode? Let us know below and be sure to check out the promo for next week’s episode!

Criminal Minds airs at 9 p.m., ET on CBS and CTV.

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