Bones Preview: 4 Hints About the Midseason Finale

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Jennifer Clasen/FOX
Jennifer Clasen/FOX

Bones fans will get a double helping of the gang at the Jeffersonian with its midseason finale featuring back-to-back episodes this Thursday. In the first hour Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) go undercover as strangers at a Wild West shooting competition and once again take on their alter ego personas of Buck and Wanda. Meanwhile, Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) discuss the future size of their family. Both hours also feature Cam (Tamara Taylor) questioning the state of her love life and that gets even more complicated when ex Arastoo (Peg Vahdat) shows up in the second episode to help with the investigation of a murdered police officer.

We’ve seen both episodes of the midseason finale and are offering up a few hints about what to expect below. We’ve also got the answers to a few questions submitted to us by readers. While we want to help tide you over until Thursday night, we do warn that we never want to ruin anyone’s viewing experience, so all hints and answers are more general teases instead of flat-out spoilers.

Cam’s uncertain about her love life

Cam’s relationship with photographer Sebastian seems to be going really well–despite the man’s somewhat questionable wardrobe choices–but she’s reluctant to admit that out loud when asked about it by the team. Thankfully she may be getting some advice on what to do from a colleague who knows a thing or two about moving on after losing a special relationship. Things do get even more complicated for Dr. Saroyan though when Arastoo returns in the second hour. What will she do?

Bones is NOT a fan of motorcycles

As could be expected, Brennan immediately shuts Booth down when he tells her that he’d like to purchase a vintage motorcycle. At first her reasons are all logic based–we’d expect nothing else after all–but as the first episode moves forward we see that she may have other, very valid reasons for being concerned about the real reason Booth wants a motorcycle.

Buck & Wanda do not disappoint

Admittedly I’ve always been a big fan of when Booth and Brennan go undercover as Buck and Wanda. Hilarity always ensues and that’s once again the case here. While in the past Buck and Wanda may have been a couple, this time around they have to pose as complete strangers trying to best one another in a shooting competition. Naturally this brings out the competitive side of both Booth and Brennan and is great fun for fans of the couple.

Jennifer Clasen/FOX
Jennifer Clasen/FOX

Are Hodgins and Angela expanding their family?

Angela seems ready to have another child and she puts the topic up for discussion with her husband, who may not be feeling as certain as she is about expanding the brood. To try and sway Hodgins, Angela volunteers to babysit Hank and Christine, thinking having more kids in the house may change her husband’s mind. By the end of the finale, the couple has reached a conclusion about what they are going to do next, luckily for viewers it comes after some very cute and honest conversations on the subject.

Now for the answers to some of your questions submitted via twitter:

Can Booth, Brennan and the squints trust on the new girl that will help Booth on the FBI? – @wellsbones

I assume you mean guest star Sara Rue who has actually signed on for multiple episodes as Leslie Green, a behavioral analyst assigned to work the case in the second episode with Booth. Personally I found Rue very likable and am glad she’ll be back for more episodes, but she isn’t the most organized or neat person out there. She does seem to have a certain rapport with Aubrey that I’m interested in seeing play out as well.

I need someone to tell us that nothing will shake our two lovebirds, namely, B&B and Hodgela. – @KATIARABREU

Seeing as I said I wouldn’t tell any downright spoilers I’m sorry to report that I can’t really answer this question for you. I will say that both of these episodes were enjoyable to watch as someone who has always been a fan of both the relationships you mention. Is that a good enough answer?

How much involvement will B&B in the finale storyline? Will it more about Hodgins, Angela and Aubrey? @seussone

Despite what you may have heard, there’s still plenty of Booth and Brennan to go around in the second episode. I can’t give away too much but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. After all, how can you have a midseason finale that doesn’t feature the couple at the core of the show?

Are you excited to see the return of Buck and Wanda? Sound off with your comments and predictions for the midseason finale below! Get another look at the episode here:

Bones airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox/Global.

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