Big Brother Canada: Mark Chrysler on the “Grenade” he Dropped before his Exit

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Global TV
Global TV
Just two episodes into Big Brother Canada Season 5 and already we’re seeing major power moves, huge blow outs and a bourgeoning alliances.

What fans expected to be a newbie vs. veteran throw down on week one turned into strategic bid to oust a physical competitor. The season’s first Head of Household, Karen, targeted Demetres and Mark, opting not to nominate a single veteran player, potentially due to her partnership with Sindy. In the end, it was Mark that was sent packing in a nail-biting 7-6 vote.

The TV Junkies spoke with the season’s first evicted houseguest on what went wrong, his thoughts on the “Time Warp” twist, and the bombshell argument that happened moments before the eviction that led to the near-split vote.

The TV Junkies: How are you doing post-eviction?

Mark Chrysler: It definitely sucks. I wish I wasn’t sitting here, I wish I was still in the house. I found out that there’s a lot of luck in this game and I just got dealt a crappy hand.

TTVJ: You did manage the make Big Brother Canada history by being the first male houseguest to be evicted first. Not many people can say that. Would you consider that a bright side to this?

MC: I guess so. Funny enough, going into this house I was just like, ‘you know what, have a great game, but just please don’t be the first one voted out.’ Unfortunately that’s how it was. I guess I have to take it as a compliment, being the first guy out, but it definitely doesn’t feel too good right now.

TTVJ: In terms of votes, the house was pretty split down the middle. What was it like that day leading up to eviction night?

MC: You know what, it was a lot of emotions bottled up. It went from earlier on, trying my best to get the votes in my favour, to pretty much everyone telling me they’re voting with the house and I’m out, feeling defeated and saying my goodbyes to everyone, to all of a sudden accidentally putting a spike into this crack of Ika and Cassandra fighting against each other, people all of a sudden telling me I’m safe, to being one vote shy of being safe. It was an absolute whirlwind of emotions in an hours worth of time. It was rough, to say the least.

TTVJ: How did everything go down between Ika and Cassandra?

MC: Ika and Cass have definitely been butting heads since day one, being very strong players and really respected veterans. What ended up happening was I was talking to Gary, and Ika asked me if it was Cass who had been spreading a rumour that it was Ika and Gary who were the masterminds of getting me out. I was hinting around that I wondered if it was those two, and it wandered all the way through the house and back to Ika. So I said yes, Gary absolutely lost it and pretty much got the whole house involved, flipped on Cass, and Cass was flipping out saying it wasn’t her. She was saying it Ika and Gary and I was lying. Everything just blew up, and this was half an hour before the eviction ceremony.

It really showed everyone’s true colours in who they really want to vote to evict and not having to vote with the house. A lot of people wanted to keep me, but they wanted to stay on the safe side. We didn’t even have a chance for everybody to say who’s voting out who because it was the deadline. No one knew who to vote for, no one knew who to trust, the house absolutely flipped on each other.

TTVJ: Do you think that will have a ripple effect on the house in the coming weeks?

MC: Oh, absolutely. I kind of threw a grenade in there and ran, so, as much as I wish I was over there, I definitely feel a lot safer on this end. I really feel there was a huge line in the sand after that eviction ceremony, so it’ll be really interesting to see in the next couple weeks if they end up making up or if they’re going to keep hating each other. I’m really excited myself to see what’s gonna develop.

Global TV
Global TV

TTVJ: Is there anything you would have done differently?

MC: Looking back on it now, I really wish I would have talked a bit more to Karen. Her and I didn’t see eye to eye, we really made it known that we were going after each other. When she put Demetres and I on the block she really wanted to go after him and not me, and they ended up having a really good relationship, while her and I stayed clear from each other. I feel like she was “the House” that was trying to evict me, and everyone just followed her path. Looking back, I wouldn’t change anything except for that.

TTVJ: From a viewer’s perspective, Karen seems really intense. Is that how she is in the house?

MC: I hate to say it, but yeah. The house calls her Crazy Karen a little bit, just because no one really knows where her head’s at. Everyone was petrified if Demetres and I were going to win the Power of Veto, because no one knew who she was going to put up next, which is why I think Bruno fought so hard and did an amazing job. He was just as scared as anyone else that he might be put on the block. Her taking me out, I know she put up a big target on her back. There’s a lot of people I aligned with that are saying she’s the next one to go, but who knows, anything can really happen.

TTVJ: What are your thoughts on the “Time Warp” twist? Do you think it will help or hurt Neda’s game?

MC: I really think it will help her. I feel like a lot of people will try to be on her side through the entire game. Obviously you want her as an ally to keep you going from week to week, but also, if you have a really good relationship, she’s sent to jury and you make it to the final two, that’s an extra vote for you to win this entire game. I can definitely see her being someone who everyone will try to establish a good relationship with.

TTVJ: Who do you think is currently the biggest threat in the house?

MC: I feel like Ika is really controlling this game. Ika and Gary have developed a really strong relationship and it seems like they really own the house right now. They have all the power and it’ll be interesting to see if people try to break that or if they let them continue with that power week to week.


Will Mark’s “grenade” continue to make shockwaves in the house? Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments below.

Big Brother Canada airs Mondays and Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Global.

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