Bellevue Preview: “How Do I Remember”

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Jesse’s murder investigation is still very much in full swing on Monday’s new episode of CBC’s Bellevue, even if the cops aren’t as invested as Annie (Anna Paquin). The connections between Sandy and Jesse’s murders become even more apparent this week, and we also see a whole new side of Eddie (Allen Leech). It’s one that may change your opinion of him, and it comes as a bit of a surprise.

If you’ve been going crazy waiting for this week’s episode look no further, we were lucky enough to screen Monday’s episode early and are going to share the wealth. Read on below for our preview of “How Do I Remember,” including some moments you can look forward to. As always, remember these aren’t spoilers, just some teases to tide you over while you wait for Monday night.

*Side note: Can we start a gofundme for Daisy to get therapy? She can totally use it after this case!

Eddie is Into Some Shady Stuff

Eddie and Annie’s relationship is complicated enough, but this week we get to see the two of them deal with a new curve ball being thrown at them. Their relationship is so special in so many ways because while they aren’t really together, they aren’t really separated either. They rely on each other for a lot of things and this episode really tests their limits in terms of how much they trust each other.

Jesse is Put To Rest

Jesse’s funeral service is this week, and while it definitely adds some tension and brings some more added drama to the town of Bellevue, it also brings one of the most beautiful moments of the episode. What I love so much about Jane Maggs and her team’s writing is that they not only show the pain and suffering the town is going through, but also the innocence of the kids going through this, and how they cope in situations of trauma and sorrow.

The Man Behind the Riddles is Revealed (Sort of!)

Has Annie just been going crazy and seeing/hearing things in her mind? That’s been a question that’s been plaguing us as of late as Annie talks to the camera and tries to solve the riddles left for her. While we totally love Annie and think she’s the coolest most badass chick around, we’ve definitely been doubting her sanity. This week we’ll find out whether or not she’s actually gone crazy, or if these things are actually real and not figments of her imagination.

Brady and Annie Share ANOTHER Cute Moment

OK, so I just really love these two characters! I will probably read into everything they do this season, but do you blame me? Brady Holt is just the cutest! This week they share a moment that isn’t work related, and it’s short, but pretty fantastic. I completely adore their dynamic. I think her tough, closed off attitude balances his softer and calmer persona. I think that’s one of the things that helps them work so well together and it certainly makes for great television.


That’s all for the teases, but be sure to check back here at The TV Junkies after Monday’s episode of Bellevue airs. We’ve got a postmortem of “How Do I Remember” with creators Jane Maggs and Adrienne Mitchell coming your way!

Do you think this is all starting to get to Annie? What do you think of her and Eddy’s relationship? Let us know in the comments!

Bellevue airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on CBC.

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