Agents of SHIELD: Goodbye Ward

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Bobbi Morse Agents of SHIELD

Wow. Can you believe that preview for Avengers: Age of Ultron? Cap almost picking up Thor’s hammer? James Spader absolutely killing it as the super creepy Ultron? My Marvel fangirling levels are on high alert right now. Okay, but seriously, let’s get to Agents of SHIELD

“A Fractured House” felt a bit slower compared to last week’s pulse-racing episode, but it was still a strong addition, seamlessly connecting funny lines with moments of genuine emotion and heartbreak (yes, I’m talking about FitzSimmons). It also gave us insight on a story I’ve been waiting to hear more about since it was first mentioned in season one – Ward’s older brother.

This week’s episode started off with a bang, after Hydra attacked members of the United Nations during a meeting with Talbot, disguising themselves as SHIELD agents. The team went into critical mode, setting aside the mystery of the alien symbols for the moment to focus on keeping the organization from imploding. Former spouses Bobbi (who is rocking the blonde hair her comic book version is known for) and Hunter joined third wheel May on a mission to get information on the attack, leading to more than one awkward moment between the two. As much as I enjoy watching Hunter squirm, I really hope this doesn’t lead to a big romantic storyline between the two. Bobbi is so kick ass and amazing, she doesn’t need a love interest in order to be relevant.

Speaking of love interests, Skye and Ward’s tragic love story took another turn this week when his much discussed older brother, Senator Christian Ward, fell onto SHIELD’s radar by publicly denouncing SHIELD and threatening to create a police task force to take them out. The threat of being discovered by his brother changed Ward’s tune, practically pleading with Skye to make sure Christian never discovers his whereabouts. Skye, not having any of it, demanded that Ward tell her everything about her father, after finding out dear old dad is a cold blooded killer. Too bad they were interrupted when Coulson arrived, chastising Skye for going off mission.

Bobbi Morse and Toshiro Agents of SHIELD

Bobbi had her own interrogation this episode, though it felt much more like a date with Hydra operative Toshiro. I’m never a fan of making female agents use their sexuality to get the job done, but the quip that Hunter did the same thing just a few episodes ago was a great reminder that Agents of SHIELD continues to be all about equal opportunity. Nevertheless, it was an important conversation, leading them to Beckers and tipping them off that Hydra got their hands on the obelisk.

Meanwhile, back at headquarters, Fitz and Simmons were still uncomfortable around each other, to say the least. Fitz seems to still be trying to grasp that she’s the real Simmons, while Simmons is finding a way to bond with him after leaving for so long. It was through a conversation with Mac that Simmons admitted she left because she felt she was only making him worse. Fans of FitzSimmons are bound to upset by how emotionally isolated the two are from one another right now, but I think Mac has a point. Fitz isn’t the same as he was, and it’s going to take time for them to get to know each other again.

After discovering Beckers is part of Hydra, Coulson figured out that their next step was actually targeting agents in Belgium. Sadly, the team couldn’t get there in time to save them and struggled to survive an attack by Hydra. Afterwards, Hunter once against considered leaving, prompting Bobbi to admit that even she is trying to figure where she belongs in the new SHIELD. Identity crisis is turning into the theme of the season, with everyone still trying to pick up the pieces of the old SHIELD and figuring out how to put them back together when they just won’t fit the same way.

It was Coulson that managed to tie up the final loose end of the Hydra attack on SHIELD, offering up Ward to his brother in exchange for his public support. Skye used her final goodbye to learn the truth about her parents – her mother’s death, her father’s inhuman rage – but was left with only questions. Coulson, however, was through with questions, telling Ward it was too late for redemption. He sent Ward off without a hint of regret.

Ward’s goodbye was so stiff and uncomfortable, exactly as it should have been. Simmons being the last to see him, couldn’t let him go without one more death threat. We’ll see if she really means it, after Ward creepily broke his own thumb without a sound to get out of handcuffs and escape custody.

Five big Agents of SHIELD questions:

  • What is Ward up to? Is he that desperate to escape his brother, or is there more to this story?
  • Is Hunter ever going to make up his mind? Seriously, this guy keeps going back and forth about staying with the team. Can we trust him?
  • Will FitzSimmons ever find their way back to each other? Right now it feels like they’re further apart than ever.
  • Is Skye really an alien? They’ve been teasing this for awhile, hinting that she may have a connection with the big blue alien they created the GH serum from. Geek fact – that particular alien species is the Kree, who Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have seen in Guardians of the Galaxy. Remember Ronan the Accuser? Same alien race.
  • Seriously though, what do those alien symbols mean? The last scene of the episode we saw an unknown man getting them tattooed on his body. It looks like next week’s episode is dedicated to that very mystery – can’t wait!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Are you still coping with your feels after the FitzSimmons scenes this episode? Sound off below, and in the meantime, check out the promo for the next episode, “The Writing on the Wall,” airing in two weeks time.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC and CTV.

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