13 Shows That Offered Us Some Hope This Television Season

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With most of our favorite shows are coming to a close for the season (some, indefinitely) The TV Junkies thought we should pay tribute to the most positive shows of the season. These shows not only brought the laughs, but gave us hope and helped us find the light in a dark time. There are certainly days when, politically, everything around us has felt like it was falling apart and taking a turn for the worst, but these shows were right there to offer us hope. These shows let us know that not everyone thinks negatively and is biased to the culture and life they are used to! Through their well-constructed diverse characters, moving LGBT storylines, and memorable moments of love and support, these 13 shows got us through 2016-2017 and we sure are lucky to have them, now more than ever!

P.S. You’ll notice most of the shows on this list are shows that are heavily featured on The TV Junkies, that’s no coincidence. We’re big fans of strong characters, powerful storylines, and important conversations!

Marvel's Agents of Shield

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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD has a history of brutally stomping on our hearts and giving us all the feels, so this may be a weird choice as the TV show that gives us hope, but hear me out. The Framework storyline in the back end of Season 4 has given the series a much-needed boost in action, suspense and, of course, heart stomping, but it has also largely been a major middle finger to the current U.S. administration. All of the references of "fake news" and "alternative facts" in a society where Hydra has taken power haven't exactly been subtle, so seeing our heroes stand up in resistance has somehow never felt more empowering. Luckily for them, however, and unlike us, they'll be able to escape that reality. -- Kelly Townsend

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Which shows do you think were the most positive this television season? Let us know in the comments below!

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